7 Bucket List Vacation Spots

If you’ve ever wanted to travel the world, chances are you’ve spent time deliberating on which places you’d like to go. While many of us won’t be fulfilling our dreams of traveling all over the world anytime soon, here’s a list of some awesome places to visit when we do.


Beautiful scenery, beaches and clear blue waters are just a few of the attractions of Santorini, Greece. Enjoy the island’s 300 year old caves and decadent cuisine. If you enjoy leisurely strolls at sunset, there really is no better place than Santorini.


If you love style and luxury, look no further than this Moroccan city. Marrakesh is the perfect place for enjoying an afternoon of shopping and art. If that alone doesn’t seal the deal for you, perhaps the city’s’ numerous cafe’s and resorts might do the trick!


The Galápagos Islands of Ecuador are the perfect location to enjoy the wonders of nature. With tons of marine and land wildlife, lodges, spa locations, and water activities, you simply just can’t go wrong.

Cape Town

The elegance of this South African city is well documented. Enjoy beautiful culinary traditions and scenery. Lounge on natural beaches, and shop at the many pop-up markets located around town.


If you ever visit Egypt, you’d be amiss to not stop by the Pyramids of Giza. These several thousand year old architectural wonders are some of the greatest man made creations to date. Take a boat ride along the Nile and relax at some of Egypt’s most fabulous hotels, like Hotel Al Moudira.


Definitely a bucket list location for anyone, Tokyo, Japan has so much to offer. If you enjoy having options, you’ll be pleased to know that Tokyo is home to numerous hotels and over 80,000 different restaurants. If you enjoy nightlife, you won’t be disappointed by all the various nighttime activities you can find in the big city!

New Zealand

If you can’t decide between a tame outdoorsy vacation experience or a more urban one, New Zealand may be the perfect place for you! Enjoy everything, from luxurious cities, to rippling vineyards out in the countryside. Regardless of your preferences, New Zealand makes for the perfect vacation spot for relaxation and outdoor adventure.