The Game of Thrones Travel Guide

Everyone likes to travel, but not everyone’s ideal travel location is even remotely the same. Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys roughing it out in the mountains or sitting high and dry in some of the world’s biggest cities, it’s safe to say that your ideal travel location says a lot about you. In case you’re like us and watch TV way more often then you travel, we’ve got you covered with a travel guide based on everyone’s favorite show! That’s right, we put together a guide for to determine your ideal travel location based on your favorite house from Game of Thrones (and yes, you’re welcome)!

House Stark – Honorable, practical, blunt. Nature at its most honest, wonderful and explicit beauty. Not comfortable all the time but sometimes dark, impotent and eerie. Places like Scotland and New Zealand are the best choices for you. After all, it is in these places where the north is filmed!

House Lannister – Greatness and power. You are well known and your strength lies in your intelligence and social abilities. The USA is the destination. You can dwell in famous cities waiting to be claimed by you! Or you can retreat to a calm location if you, like the Lannisters, are in need of an escape from your enemies!

House Targaryen – Willpower, leadership and …. Dragons! Targaryens shine in extreme lands, good places to raise baby dragons. Iceland is the land of ice and fire itself. You can also opt to go to Hawaii, it is a different and exotic culture and has beautiful landscapes and fiery volcanos. A must go for Targaryens.

House Martell – Passionate and fiery. You as a Martell need to be constantly stimulated in order to live life fully. Brazil and Spain will provide for this and much more! Not only will you find a wide culture, culinary diversity and magnificent views, you’ll also enjoy an active city life perfect for letting loose.

House Tyrell – Sophistication and nature abundance. Coming from Highgarden, you surely love the greatness of buildings, gardens and people. France and Mexico offer rich and evolving history, the lavender fields in Champagne (France) will completely astonish you. Not to mention the exceptional culinary traditions of such destinations!