Jumpstart Innovation at Your Business!

Innovation concept with financial elements hand drawn on blackboard

What’s the best way to hone creativity in your workforce? It’s a question that has plagued employers for years. If your employees are comfortable in their positions, they’re less likely to be innovative and creative for the benefit of the company, and yet you don’t want to lose your workforce by over stressing them until they leave. The first step in remedying this problem is understanding why the creative juice just isn’t flowing anymore. A recent study by the University of Phoenix says that a third of employees cite a lack of time for innovation, while another third say it’s a lack of funding.

While you might be agreeing with these employees – it can be hard to provide extra time and money for your workforce to just think – consider taking the note within the note, so to speak. If they’re not in your scheduling or accounting departments, they don’t need to worry about these kinds of things, so the fact that they are is probably inhibiting their ability to think creatively for you right there.

As an employer, the more you can take off your creative workers’ plates in terms of the day-to-day function of the company, the better. You can also make sure to equip them with the proper tools for innovation, like workshops, access to new technology (or at least the ability to try it out), and attendance at conferences that they’re interested in. The more you can spark the original interest they had in their job, the more they’ll perform like they did when they’d only been working for you for a month or two. People want to be challenged by and interested in their jobs, and most of the time they’ll create that environment for themselves – as long as they’re given the freedom to do so!