Skip These Lies At Work

We all tell little white lies all the time – it’s what gets most of us through the day hassle free. However, telling white lies at work can be tricky. It’s very tempting to keep personal things from your coworkers or boss, but by the sheer nature of spending so much time with them in a professional setting, these lies can often come back to bite you in the rear end. Here’s four lies you should avoid telling at any cost, because they’re way more trouble than they’re worth.

Saying you’re sick when you’re not. Whether you overslept or plain just played hooky for a day, lying about an illness is very tricky because you’ll have to deal with people asking how you’re feeling and what exactly was wrong. You have to know symptomes, timeframes, and maybe even provide a doctor’s note, and that’s just a ton of hassle.

Similarly, another excuse people use all the time for not meeting deadlines is that their technology/computers went kaput. This is a hard one to pull off nowadays because any company worth it’s salt has a decent IT department, and they’ll be able to tell instantly that nothing has been wrong with your system for a long time.

Movies tell us that the go-to lie for getting out of work is that you are headed to a grandparent’s funeral. However, if your grandparent is alive and well when you tell this lie, you face the awkward possibility that they die afterwards, and then you have to lie again. You also have to feign grief, which is hard and disrespectful to coworkers who are actually grieving in one way or another. Trust us, they won’t thank you for the imitation if they ever find out about the lie.

Finally, telling your employer that you have skills you don’t is one of the worst things you can do. Some people lie on their resumes to get a job, but unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re not going to be able to continue to “fake” a skill level once you get the job. Your boss will lose respect for you when you admit you lied, and who knows – they may have simply hired you anyway and trained you if you had told the truth!