Bullying Results In Amazing Transformation

Jessica McDaniels had faced bullying her entire life because of her teeth. Still, when she found that her photo had gone viral, it was heartbreaking.

In the original photo, she was standing in the background, filming as her friend was proposed to. Jessica can be seen recording the moment and beaming with joy for her friend.

A bystander snapped a photo of the proposal, but turned the photo into a painful mockery, showing a closeup of McDaniel’s face. Once the photo was online, it went viral, leading to cruel comments.

McDaniels was horrified, not only because of the horrible words, but because the bullying had taken away from her friends sweet moment.

McDaniel had looked into surgery for her mouth, but the repairs would be at least $3000. When she was a child, her adult teeth did not come in until she was 12, and whey they did, they came in crooked and she developed an extreme overbite. She had also undergone multiple surgeries between 2 and 12 to correct her hearing. The last happening right before her adult teeth came in.  

McDaniel, who is a 32 year old single mother worried about how the viral photo would affect her children.

An old high school friend, Krystal Starks, knew McDaniels’ story and could not stand by and do nothing.

Starks launched a GoFundMe account for McDaniels, and donors stepped up to the plate, donating $8,667 of a $10,000 goal. Dr. Maryann Udy, an oral surgeon who’d heard about her story, got in touch and offered to fix her smile – free of charge.

The process would be done in steps involving bone remodeling, dental implants, and lots of pain and swelling. McDaniels took the doctor up on her offer and on July 11 underwent the first 2 hour procedure with what are already incredible results!

Bullying should never be condoned nor tolerated. But in this case, what started out as nastiness has resulted in a beautiful, shareable smile.