Child Dies Due To Birthday Balloon

Children love birthdays and birthday parties. These are normally happy occasions, meant to bring families and friends together in celebration. But for the parents of 8-year-old Jaina McGloghlon birthdays will never have the same meaning. Jaina’s final birthday will always be remembered as a time of tragedy and loss.

After enjoying her party, Jaina went to bed with a goodnight kiss from her father. He had given her the party of her dreams, and she was exhausted. The family went back to cleaning up the party mess after she fell asleep.

Hours later, Jaina’s dad peeked in on her. She looked peaceful, but suddenly he realized she was too still. Her covers were over her face, and one foot was sticking oout. He pulled the covers down, and his heart stopped. He yelled for someone to call 911. Jaina had a balloon over her head. He took her from the bed, placed her on the floor and began performing CPR.

Jaina’s grandmother, Pat McGloghlon, made the emergency call and then began praying for their birthday girl. The happy birthday party that had happened earlier that day had taken a tragic turn.

It was unclear why the balloon was in the bed with her, but it contained holes and the girl may have been sucking the helium to change her voice.

Despite her father’s best efforts, she never came back. Although she showed no signs of life, he refused to give up. Everyone in the house prayed for a miracle as paramedics arrived and took over. They hurriedly placed Jaina into the office and sped to the hospital. For an hour, doctors tried to save the little girl. They could not, however, and she was pronounced dead as a result of the accidental suffocation. The family was devastated. Their only hope is that their story keeps another child from suffering Jaina’s fate.