Creating a Home You WANT to live in

Take a moment to think about how your environment supports your physical being. Taking a holistic approach in your personal space is the ultimate form of self-care.

What is an “energetically balanced” home?

The first step in creating an energetically balanced home is asking questions, such as are you cheating yourself out of the best environment possible? Once you know your home isn’t how you want it, you need to analyze how you want it to feel.

Where do crystals come in?

Crystals aren’t for everyone,  and there are subtle ways that you can incorporate them so that your home doesn’t feel like a rock shop.

Step 1: Clear.


Clear the air in your space, reduce other people’s energies.

  • Family Heirlooms: Even with sentimental value, their energy may not resonate with yours.
  • Electronics: Consider cutting down on the sheer quantity of your electronics.

Cleanse what’s left.

Many things are out of our control, but create the “clearest” space possible with some of the following:

Sage: Sage can be used to move out old energy.

Selenite: This stone removes energy blockages

Salt baths: Take salt baths during a period of clearing.

Step 2: Replenish.

This step varies depending on what you are trying to create in your space.

If you want to promote work.

Stones like hematite filter distracting outside energy, and citrine helps boost creativity.

If you want to promote romance.

Consider layering in stones for self-love and abundance like rose quartz and aventurine.

If you want to promote physical change.

Incorporate some energy-promoting stones like orange or yellow calcite, tiger’s eye, and pyrite.

Step 3: Harmonize.

The last step is using daily rituals:

  • Have a designated place to put your items when you walk in as you shed the day.
  • Create a bath or shower ritual to wash the day’s energy off the body.
  • Select your clothes for the next day so that you feel confident and present your best self.
  • Start a morning or evening meditation practice
  • Think about the senses. What does your home smell like? Add candles, or essential oils.
  • Try “no tech time” at least an hour before you go to sleep

So the next time you look at your home, think about how you can make your interactions with your home as peaceful as possible.