Snakes in the Rafters!

Roommates are the worst. They’re always where you don’t want them, in the most inconvenient places and with the worst timing ever. Benjamin didn’t know he had a roommate until it was too late, and now he’s not sure how to handle him. That’s because Benjamin’s new roomie is a snake, and he didn’t exactly ask to move in!

It all started when Benjamin noticed a couple of snakes hanging around his woodpile outside. Now, if you’ve ever lived in an area rural enough to have a decent woodpile, you know that outside critters love to frequent it as well. It provides perfect little hiding places for small rodents and insects, which in turn attracts the snakes. No biggie, Benjamin thought; snakes are a fact of life… outside. However, when he came home to find only a single snake around the woodpile, he got an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

A feeling that proved to be true when later when he was in his garage and heard rustling above his head. It turns out one of the snakes had gotten tired of sharing his woodpile abode with the other and prefered to turn Benjamin’s garage into the perfect snake bachelor pad! He seems perfectly content to slither around the rafters, and judging by the video, Benjamin isn’t quite sure how best to let him know that he isn’t welcome! Check out the funny video below, and let’s all hope that Benjamin has figured out his living situation (or is settling down with his new no-legged pal)!