Cutest Mugs Starbucks Has to Offer!

Starbucks is known for a lot of things – like making “frappuccino” the first four-syllable word your nephew could pronounce perfectly – but one of our favorites is their adorable customized tumblers! If someone walks by with a mug full of delicious-smelling coffee, we’re instantly jealous. If that same someone walks by with delicious-smelling coffee in a limited-edition Hawaii tumbler with a pink background, we turn into full-blown envy monsters, scouring the internet for the same mug at any price.

There’s something to be said, though, about having a mug from a place you’ve been, whether it’s from your hometown or a city you went to on vacation. For instance, this super cute pink and white striped ceramic tumbler with “South Carolina” on it in gold cursive is perfect for a southern belle who loves her americanos in the morning. It’s delicate and girly without being breakable, and we can’t get enough of it!

Or what about this cheery lime green mug that reminds the sipper to look at the bright side (which isn’t always easy first thing in the morning). This cup is always half full, and is sure to bring a smile to its owner’s face.

If you’re more of a brainiac who likes to brood at their coffee mug during the morning train ride, this crossword one is one of our faves. It gives you something to do, but it can also be a conversation starter – just ask the cute guy next to you if he can find the word “Grande!”

And for those of you out there who are total individuals, Starbucks has you covered as well. This black tumbler allows you to change your mug with your mood by doodling on it with the chalk pen! If you don’t like what you wrote yesterday, wash it off with water and start again! Every day is a new day!