Hope Filled Letters Help Homeless Man

Sixty nine year old Titus Blade Steele had lived in his Memphis apartment for 12 years when he was suddenly thrown out on the street with nowhere to go.

All of his belongings were scattered on the front lawn and he could not even find a place to store them. He was even forced to say goodbye to his cats because he could not care for them.

His items were then sold to several buyers. That is when a local news station  found out about his predicament. They decided to look at some of his old belongings and found that he had lived quite a life.

Titus had documented his entire life through newspaper clippings. Some showed the murder of his brother, and it was clear the incident has shaped his life. While he had endured much hardship in his 69 years, he was also a well-loved artist, writer and traveler. His photos and clippings showed that several of his photos, murals and paintings had hung in galleries. He had also donated countless hours volunteering.

When Titus met the reporter, he shared more about his life and how he was active in giving back, which is one of the reasons he had continuously taken in stray cats, over 20 over the years. He said the felines had helped him get through the hard times.

Less than a month later, his story hit the headlines and people came forward wanting to help. Even his former classmates who had not seen him in decades admitted they never forgot him and that he was the first African-American student to  go to Memphis Technical High School where he was recognized for his talent, courage and great personality.

They sent letters and around $1500. One of the letters said: “With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime.”

Steele’s story proves that no matter how difficult your situation, there are always people willing to help.