Secrets of an Ex-Disney Photographer

Working for Disney is a dream job. See how these ex-photographers enjoyed their time.

Best photo spots…“Main Street and the side of the castle.”

Favorite time of year…“Christmas time is my favorite. ”

Most touching moment…” A mom, dad and a 4-year-old came in. They had just lost their 7-year-old to cancer. The girl called her sister a ‘sky princess.’ Everyone in the room got a bit emotional.”

Prior experience…“I had several years experience but it was a bit tough to adapt to what Disney wanted.

Character interaction…”I got to interact with them during our downtime. Chip n Dale love to cause mischief and play jokes. Who couldn’t love that!”

.Commission or a quota?…“We don’t make commission and no quota, but they check how many photos you’ve taken.”

Will you use a cellphone if asked…“All the Photographers will take a photo with your phone and/or camera, even if you don’t get a photo with ours.”

Celebrities interactions?…“Matt Damon came in and his wife had her phone out ready to take a picture so I offered to take it for her. I took too many photos and his group made a joke about me being a paparazzi. Everyone had a big laugh.”

What’s up with characters not spending time with kids?…“They were told to speed it up. It’s unfortunate because a lot of guests miss out on a fun interaction. A lot of guests go to see a character only for the photo.”

Park Preference?“I preferred working Disneyland. The locations were better, made for better pictures, the vibe was a bit different too.”