Decluttering Your Morning

Mornings can be extremely stressful. You are going through the plan for the day while blow drying your hair, checking the contents of your purse, or picking out clothes for the day. When you change up several things in your morning routine, you can completely transform the way you start your day for the better, which can increase productivity,


Supplements have a long term impact on your body. With programs such as, you can order appropriate supplements, be reminded to take them, and have them delivered before you run out on a monthly basis. Reducing to only one comprehensive supplement will reduce looking for multiple items.

A more efficient closet

When you open your closet, do you find an optimal wardrobe? When you have a streamlined closet, choosing an outfit in the morning becomes easy and stress free.


Google Calendar has become a must have. You can schedule your workouts, your events, appointments, and everything you need to remember to optimize your week.

 A pre-packed gym bag

The less you have to do in the morning, the better. So, pick out your workout clothes, pack your cosmetics, and any other necessities you need depending on when you have scheduled your workout.

Noise-canceling headphones

With big city noises, sometimes we start our day off with a headache, or just too much brain clutter from all of the noise. Using noise-canceling headphones, or even listening to classical music or relaxation techniques can keep your brain clear of the clutter.