Tips You Need to Know on LinkedIn

Are there features on LinkedIn you’re hearing about, but just don’t know where to find them? Or are you just looking to better manage your LinkedIn network? LinkedIn has tons of features many just don’t know about. They can be used to improve your experience using the platform and further personalize it.

You can manage and cancel LinkedIn Connection Requests.  By visiting the Sent Invitations page you can quickly see your unaccepted requests and the day sent. This page is under My Network in the top navigation bar. In the top bod with current connection requests click Manage All. From there you can see all your sent requests and even withdrawal them.

 Manage blocked connection requests: depending on your settings it’s possible some people are not able to send you connection requests. If you are wanting to grow your network or generate leads for your business you’ll want to be sure to change this setting to Everyone on LinkedIn. You’ll fine this in the Communications area of your Privacy and Settings page.

As your connections grow, the number of notifications may become overwhelming. If you would like to turn off some notifications, such as birthdays or interactions, go to the Notifications page, scroll to find the type of notification you would no longer like, then simply click the three dots in the top right of the box and click Turn off all notifications of this type.

Their may be connections you don’t want to remove or block, but you may not want to see updates from. To hide a single post, click the three dots in the top right corner and select Hide this post. To stop seeing any updates from the individual, follow the same steps but select Unfollow *Name*.  With either of these actions if you change your mind right away you will have the option to select Undo. Later on you can unhide their updates by going to your LinkedIn Privacy and Settings page and go to the area under Blocking and Hiding.