How to Source Skilled Talent Like a Pro

Understanding how modern technology can empower business is paramount to sourcing great talent. There are new application processes, new payment processes, and new places to find skilled workers in the field you need. Keeping these things in mind leads to increased productivity for both business owners and skilled workers.

With the appearance of websites like Credo, Angies List, and Nextdoor, knowing you’re hiring the best local for your gig is now easier than ever. Everyone and everything is online now, including helpful reviews. With many business owners looking to outsource work, it’s essential that they not only choose the most qualified candidate, but someone who knows the local vernacular. Customers want and value service that is familiar and authentic, not something that comes off as scripted or foreign. Including a local, personal connection will make your company stand out from the rest.

Paying in different currencies to different people on separate days due to banking regulations can be exhausting. With payment systems like Square or Paypal, everything is streamlined. Paypal may be older, but Square boasts more features for both customers and employees. Combining them with Toptal, Upwork, and LinkedIn Profinder, you can pay anyone, at any time – no matter where they are in the world.

A wealth of talent and ability is at the disposal of any savvy business owner. Websites like UpWork or Fivver offer a variety of listings and services, from developers advertising their Python skills, freelance writers who’ll write essays for lazy college students, and even mobile app developers who can help you build the next million dollar app idea. Being able to properly utilize these types of websites both as a client and a freelancer allows both parties to work together seamlessly and benefit mutually.

Helpful tools for business owners come in all shapes and sizes, and with the right tool for the job, any business owner can take their productivity to new heights.