Take A Remote Year, Like Yesterday!

You’ve probably heard of a gap year by now – the trend of taking a year off to travel between high school and college – but we’re betting a lot of our readers are new to the concept of a “remote year.” The concept is similar, actually, only it’s for adults and is a little easier to stomach on a budget. That’s because people who take a remote year don’t stop working at all while they’re travelling – hence the “remote” part. If you’re able to do your work remotely, there are now organizations that can help you travel with other young professionals who also work remotely, building a community and exploring the world together!

That was certainly the appeal for freelance photographer Richard Silver. He was about to take a very cushy New York real estate job when something made him hesitate. He ended up turning the position down and jumping on a plane with remoteyear.com, where he’s been moving to in a new city every month for a whole year. He says the experience is everything he expected and more.  “Remote Year has been pretty amazing. I have traveled through South America before but to really explore other areas of the countries has just made it so much more than the adventure I expected.”

Silver loves to play with panoramas and tilt-shift techniques, enjoying the editing process of his photos almost as much as he enjoys shooting them. And his remote year has afforded him incredible opportunities to shoot sites all around the world, from cathedrals to landscapes to urban areas and beyond. However, he credits the people he’s with for his most enjoyable experiences. “I was hoping to explore the world in a new way and be inspired by other people — and I am, so far.”