The Perfect Summer Cocktail!

We all love a fruity, fancy cocktail after a hard day’s work, but they can often be filled with an unexpected amount of calories and sugar that make it more dessert than anything else. It’s hard to sink into really enjoying said cocktail when you know just how bad it is for you, which is why the hunt is on for the healthiest, yummiest cocktail around. From vodka-sodas (boring!) to skinny margaritas (way sour!), it seems like every gastro pub and bistro is trying to solve this problem.

Well, Latin Beet Kitchen in NYC may have finally cracked the code, because their cumbia mule is both delicious and super healthy (hello, it has chia seeds in it!). It’s the most refreshing drink east of the Mississippi, and doesn’t taste like you left out the sugar to punish yourself! And the best part is, you can totally replicate the drink at home, meaning you don’t have to trek all the way to NYC to enjoy it!

Start with something the bar lovingly dubs “drunken chia seeds.” Mix 1oz of chia seeds with 3oz of water and 1.5 shots of vodka, and set aside to soak. Fill a shaker with four oz of watermelon juice (YUM!), 1/2oz of lime juice, 2 shots of vodka, and some ice, and shake it like a polaroid picture! Strain into your favorite mule glass and add some more ice, plus a touch of ginger beer for some zing and fizz! Sprinkle in your drunken chia seeds and you have a boozy, breezy summer cocktail full of fresh fruit that won’t make you cringe! Enjoy, dwindlers!