Weird Dog Behaviors Explained!

We love our dogs, but sometimes the things they do are plain weird. Sometimes we can read into their behavior, but mostly we just think they’re acting crazy, because what they’re doing doesn’t really translate into human reasoning. Until now, that is. Animal behaviorists have broken down all the weird things your pup does and you may have been farther to the truth than you thought!

For instance, why does your dog bring you things like sticks or balls? He wants to play, right? Then why, when you throw the item, does he seem super uninterested in fetching it? Well, he may have been giving you a gift because he thought you needed something. Perhaps you looked sad and he thought, “You know what always cheers me up? The really muddy tennis ball from outside!” It’s not the best guess on his part, but it sure is sweet! Less sweet is when your pooch lays on your feet. It feels like cuddling, but if you have a dominant dog, he may be asserting his dominance by laying on your feet, claiming you as his! If this clearly isn’t the case (because your pup has a meek personality) it may just be cuddles after all.

Your dog has his own bed, so why does he insist on jumping into bed with you while you’re sleeping? Well, packs of dogs sleep together, for warmth as well as bonding and safety. Your dog sees you as an important part of his pack, so he wants to make sure you know it by always sleeping together! Finally, let’s talk about yawning. Sure, it can mean that your dog is sleepy or bored, just like people. However, it can also mean that he’s nervous or anxious about what’s going on, so make sure that you comfort him if you think that’s the case. Our favorite explanation, though, is that just like humans, dogs can mimic or “catch” yawns! It could be that your yawn made him yawn!