Bulletproof In A Bottle!

If you haven’t heard of Bulletproof Coffee, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. The brainchild of Dave Asprey, who wanted to get the benefits of coffee to last longer and work smarter for his body, Bulletproof Coffee is famous for being “that coffee with butter in it.” While that’s not exactly true, it does get the point across. The brew has butter or ghee in it to ensure that while your body absorbs the caffeine, it’s also taking in essential fats and proteins to make sure the kick really lasts through the chemical processes of your biological composition. Many people swear by it, but because of the nature of the recipe, it can only be made fresh at home or bought in one of Asprey’s storefronts (which he just announced are coming to the East Coast).

That is, until now. Picnik, the Austin-based drink company, has come out with a version of Asprey’s famous beverage in bottled form, which could be a game changer. But how do their butter lattes hold up in the opinion of Bulletproof fans? Wellandgood.com decided to try it out. First, the facts. These drinks are packed with caffeine (almost twice what a normal cup of joe has) and they have 10g of protein and 210 calories. You might balk at that, but consider the fact that these drinks can be considered a meal replacement, and are super filling. But how do they taste?

“In the beginning, it tasted a little off,” was one comment. “But it became an acquired taste. I never came around to the smell, though.” That’s certainly a little discouraging. Also, the fat content shocked some taste-testers. “It’s 60 percent of your daily saturated fats in one bottle, which scared me,” said one Well and Good editor. “But the dirty chai is delicious. It’s like crack.” They may be a little unhealthy, but since Bulletproof storefronts are only on the coasts and the ingredients are kind of hard to find, this may be what the rest of us are stuck with for a while! At least they’re delicious.