Home Remedy For Pet Owners!

It sucks when you’re dog gets sick and you just want to help him but you don’t know how. Just like humans, sometimes pet ailments are treatable by home remedies that have been used for years and years, and are simple but effective. For example, the pup in the following video has allergies that cause his ears to be filled with lots of itchy and clogging wax. As we all know, dog ears are every bit as sensitive as human ears, and just because they seem larger doesn’t mean we can just stick q-tips in there to clean them out. That’s where apple cider vinegar comes in!

Thats right, the smelly-tangy stuff in your cupboard that’s just so good in salad dressings has other uses as well! Not only will it alleviate itching and clean out gunk, but it can also help prevent / clear up skin and fungal infections and stop ear infections in their tracks. This is especially good for dogs, who can be prone to candida, a bacterial infection which can cause a yeast infection that manifests in the ears and paws.

To treat your pupper’s ears with apple cider vinegar, dilute it by 50% with warm water. Fill an eyedropper with the solution and drop about ten drops into the ear (without putting the dropper in the ear). Massage the ear canal gently in a circular motion and then let your dog shake his head (which he’ll be dying to do)! Of course, don’t attempt this home remedy until you consult with your normal vet – he or she will know if this is a good idea based on your pet’s history.

Check out the video below to see it in action!