The Knife This Chef Uses at Home

Charlie Marshall, the renowned chef of The Marshall resturant in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan New York, has recently opened up his home and, more importantly his kitchen, to give fans a peek at how he lives. One interesting tidbit to come out of the interview was what knife this amazing chef actual uses in his New York kitchen.

Chefs are very particular about their knives. Like musicians with their instruments, knives are a main tool that leads to the production of their edible art. When touring his kitchen, his knives were prominently displayed, and he was more than happy to show them off.

So, what instrument does he use? Charlie’s favorite chef’s knife – Kikuichi Elite Warikomi Damascus Tschime 8 Inch Chefs Knife.

Charlie explains the his new chef’s knife is made from Japanese hammered steel , which he says is easy to sharpen with steel, holds a great edge, is light and agile and, according to Charlie- goes wherever he points it.  

Of course, he uses more than just his chef’s knife. His other knives are Cutco, which he says are the very best knives for home use. Would you like to know more about Charlie and his “Tiny, Well-Ordered New York City Kitchen”? Follow the link to read all about it! We Did!