VYNE Life Is a Game Changer!

One of the biggest fears of people looking to eat vegan or vegetarian is that they won’t be able to find or prepare food that matches their diet. There’s nothing worse that seeing the whole office order Chinese take out, only to know that there’s nothing on the menu you can eat. Well, if you live in the NYC area, there’s a solution for you that is fast, innovative, and totally delicious: VYNE Life!

VYNE Life is a food delivery service geared towards vegetarians, and it’s meant to take the guesswork and struggle out of finding something to eat that’s both healthy and fast. The service allows subscribers to pick which meals they want (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or all four!) and what they want for each meal. You can even get them delivered to you at different locations, so if you move offices a lot or want lunch delivered to your fitness studio, you can do that! As long as you gave the service 5 days notice, they’ll meet you where you want with what food you want, every day!

The meals look incredible, with things like “spaghetti squash in a kaffir coconut lime curry” and “bamboo rice bibimbap” popping up on each week’s menu! They take the time and effort out of preparing your own meals, while still ensuring that you have healthy options that allow you to choose the diet with which you want to stick. And right now, VYNE Life is offering 50% off your first order with the promocode “WELL50.” So what are you waiting for?!?