Feral Cat Loves Kittens, Not People

This feral ‘grandpa’ cat may not care for humans, but oh, does he love kittens

In British Columbia when a cat rescue group received information about a feral cat colony on a large rural property, they stepped in. They began trapping the cats, spaying and neutering them with plans on finding homes for those who were adoptable.
Through their efforts, they brought in two dozen cats. Among those was a 10-year-old male they lovingly named Mason. Mason had growths on the bottom of his paws, his tail was broken in several places, he was suffering from multiple infections and needed extensive dental surgery. Though it was tough to treat the overly feral older cat, they helped him to recover and had plans to return him to the farm where the owner agreed to continue feeding the remaining ferals. However, he was found to have advanced kidney disease. They looked at options for Mason, such as euthanization or hospice care in a foster home.

Being a no-kill organization, they fought to find a way to allow this older cat to live out his final years in comfort and safety. His long fought battle apparent in his many battle scars.

He eventually ended up in a home where he began to feel comfortable. He did not like to interact with people, he adjusted to his life fairly well.

When the foster brought home some kittens, they seemed drawn to the old cat. They invaded his space and started climbing all over him. The foster mom was fearful that he would react aggressively, but she was surprised! Instead of shying away from the licks and loves, he leaned in. He had been so starved for interaction, though he didn’t want it from humans, he had been craving the love from other cats.

Mason became very protective of his “grandbabies”.  Though this feral male may only have months left of his life, it is amazing that he has chosen to spend his twilight with these adorable kittens. The videos below are heartwarming and bring tears to the eyes of those with a special place in their hearts for rescued animals everywhere.