Huge Feng Shui No-Nos!

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of organization and harmony that aims to balance your life for success by dictating the way you decorate your house. Whether you believe that it does what it claims to do exactly (change the course of your life by rearranging where you hang your mirrors, for instance) or whether it’s just fun to have a few decorating tips to follow when you decide to redo your living room, learning what masters of Feng Shui consider absolute no-nos is pretty fascinating stuff.

For instance, practitioners of Feng Shui believe that the house is divided into sections of your life, and that one corner is devoted to love. They believe that if you’re single, you should put something related to water in that corner (a vase, a painting, a mirror), to attract potential mates. However, once you find one you like, make sure to move the water object or that person will flow right out the door again! They also believe that you shouldn’t keep heavy objects above the bed (this is also sound earthquake advice). Keeping a bedroom light and airy should validate your mood and comfort you, rather than making you feel weighed down.

Feng Shui also dictates that you should get rid of broken objects immediately (or get them fixed). Keeping too many useless things around the house makes you start to feel useless too. It also recommends that you hide corners (with plants or furniture), and hide away sharp objects. This means than magnetic strip that holds all your knives is a big red flag. Apparently they have a “cutting” energy that is bad for you. Also we think it’s creepy to have all the knives just out and about like that.

Finally, chi energy can be disrupted by four major things: a staircase directly across from the front door, a direct line from the front door to the back, ceiling beams above a bed, and a very long corridor leading to the bedroom. These can be softened, but never quite fixed because they’re structural. Is anyone else looking around their home and cringing right now?!?