The Heartbreaking Reason Behind This Rescue’s Odd Face

For most of us, our pets are treasured members of our family, given the love, respect and care they deserve. In return, we are rewarded with the love and devotion of our canine soulmates as well. Unfortunately, not everyone falls into this category and we continue to see example of abuse and neglect. Although these stories are heartbreaking, there are caring people in the world who come forward to help, reminding us that we can make a difference for animals in need.

This was exactly the case for Roxanne, an abandoned pit bull in Columbia, South Carolina. Local residents noticed the dog roaming the streets but were unsure why her face looked so odd. Upon closure examination they were horrified to find that the chain around her neck was so tight it was causing extreme swelling in her face and neck.

The kind residents rushed her to the local animal hospital, but even then emergency workers were unsure whether Roxanne would survive. They rushed her into surgery and began the long process of cutting the chain from her neck. Roxanne made it through the surgery and soon began to come back to life, the swelling in her neck and face receding and her spirits rising.

Roxanne was certainly lucky to have been found by the kind animal lovers who rushed her to the aid of the veterinarians and her story quickly spread. With so much attention this girl is bound to find a loving family who will give her all the care and attention every dog deserves.