Go Green With Blue Jeans!

You might not think that clothing and fashion are hurting the Earth, but they are. The rate at which we as a society go through clothing and then either discard or donate it is alarming, and often unnecessary. We’re not getting the mileage out of our clothing that our parents did, or their parents before them, and that means more trash and a higher quantity of chemicals used to treat clothes (like dyes and starches) in our landfills and water systems. Don’t feel too bad about not thinking about this specific issue; this problem is only recently coming to light. However, people are already hard at work on how to best get us moving in the right direction.

Many stores and chains have started designing eco-friendly, sustainable, or conscious clothing lines, and celebrities like Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow on board. But aside from buying from organic and sustainable outlets, what else can you do to get involved? The solution, ironically, has been in your closet the whole time. Or at least someone’s closet. That’s right, we already knew it was hip to go thrift store shopping and to buy vintage, but it is also an incredibly green thing to do. And you should start with denim.

Vintage and worn denim is in, but often it looks off in some way – either the fit is wrong or it looks slightly too dated. However, new companies are popping up everywhere that remedy this problem by buying up vintage denim and professionally reworking it into a brand new piece of clothing! Places like The Vintage Twin or RE/DONE have got you covered when it comes to all your denim needs, and you get the added bonus of being able to say you helped the planet by purchasing a hip jean jacket from them! Plus, the denim is practically guaranteed to already have that softness that comes with wear! What’s not to like?