Simple Summer Sorbet

Sorbet is a sweet and refreshing way to enjoy fruit while tricking your brain into thinking you are eating a fatty, frozen dessert. Sorbet is also relatively easy to make at home, ensuring you know exactly what ingredients you are putting into your body.

Believe it or not, sorbet is just fruit and sugar. Yes- that is it! Two ingredients standing between you and cool, fruity refreshment.

Two pounds of fresh fruit should be enough for making around a quart of sorbet. This translates into about five cups once the fruit is chopped. If you are a little off, that is ok! These are the basics and no one is going to check behind you to see if you are a little over or under.

Puree the fruit and add a little sugar. This puree becomes your sorbet base.

When adding sugar, we recommend making a simple sugar syrup. Simmer equal parts sugar and water on low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Allow it to cool. Before you added cooled syrup to your fruit puree, remember that the freezing process will dull the sweet flavor of your fruit. When you sample your base, you want it to be a little too sweet.

Before freezing, you need to be sure that your base has the optimum sugar level so that your finished sorbet will be smooth and not slushy or icy, resulting from the improper sugar. The proper combination of fruit and sugar ensures the perfect texture.

To make sure that your levels are correct, do this simple trick. Float a large egg in the sorbet base. First, wash and dry a large egg. Place it gently into the previously pureed and strained mixture. The egg should sink only to a level where there is a nickel-sized portion showing. If the circle is too small, or if the egg is not visible at all, your sorbet needs more sugar. If a larger portion is showing, add more water or fruit juice.

Once you have achieved the proper texture, freeze for 12 hours and enjoy!

Remember, this sorbet is YOURS. Add herbs, spices, or for adult consumption you can even add a little liquor to the base. For a creamier treat, add cream or coconut milk and enjoy a sherbet. Using your favorite fruits and flavors, you can create a timely all-natural treat that you can enjoy all year long.