World’s Tallest Cow Goes Viral

The world’s tallest cow is trying to get the attention of Guinness World Records, and it causing stir online in the meantime. Photos of the giant Holstein steer, named Danniel, have been going viral, and for good reason. Owner Ken Farley notes, “Holsteins are known to be large frame animals, they’re known for their size, but he is quite a bit taller than the average Holstein.”

The average cow eats 5 pounds of grain and 20 pounds of hay daily, Danniel however requires 15 pounds of grain and over 100 pounds of hay daily! The giant also drinks 100 gallons of water every day!

Farley told Barcroft Animals, “We first noticed that he was abnormally big when he was about six months and he was being bottle fed. At the end of six months, he would just knock the bottle out of my hands. He was just too big to handle.”

Danniel currently measures 6ft 4in, 2ft more than an average sized cow, and had to be relocated to another farm to accommodate his gargantuan size. They are even planning too build a special barn for Danniel.

Danniel’s internet fame continues to spread and he even has his own Facebook page so you can follow his growth to the top of the record books. He has become a local attraction in his hometown in Eureka, California and is spoiled with lots of treats, of which he can’t eat enough!