Does Your Freezer Contain These Items?

The freezer is a wonderful invention that magically keeps all our perishable food edible forever, right? Wrong! Quite often we use this appliance like a catch-all for things we want to use or eat eventually, but not anytime soon. This isn’t a bad way to look at the freezer, but it isn’t the ideal way to treat a number of foods and items we shove in there all time. Here are some items you might be mistakenly keeping in your freezer, and why you should move them right away!

Let’s start with frozen fruit that you have absolutely no memory of freezing in the first place! Freezing fresh fruit to lock in ripeness or buying fruit already frozen from the store is an excellent way to ensure you can have your favorites year round, but they only stay good in the freezer for about three months. After that, frozen fruit tends to lose it’s flavor and become extremely bland and watery. This goes for all those tupperware containers of food you can’t identify as well. If it’s not labeled and you can’t remember what it is, throw it away. Chances are if you thawed it, it would taste as mysterious as it looks.

Bag of coffee beans with coffee maker

Switching gears now: one of the great myths of the modern area is that open bags of coffee beans should be stored in the freezer to preserve the flavor. Not only can your coffee take on the flavors of items in your freezer if left in there too long, but the process of freezing coffee inherently makes the flavor weaker. A lot of the coffee flavor comes from oils on the beans, and when you freeze them, the oils lock up and aren’t released in the same way as when you have them at room temperature. Finally, we know that movies like to tell you that the freezer is a clever place to store your cash, but if you have that idea, thieves have it too. The freezer is one of the first places they’ll look, so rack your brain to find a better hiding spot or use a bank like everyone else!