Your Dog Has Changed….A Lot!

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, but you’d be surprised by just how much dogs have changed in that time. Just as we’ve evolved as humans, dogs have evolved a lot as well.

Take the English Bulldogs for example. The English Bulldogs of today are more stocky, have wider chests, and more of a smushed face. Only a short 100 years ago, they were much smaller and enjoyed longer lifespans, but because of a number of health problems their life expectancy is now only roughly six years on average. Basset Hounds have changed a lot as well. Nowadays, they lower bodies, shorter back legs, floppy ears, shorter height, and more folds in their skin. Boxers (not like Muhammad Ali, think Petey from The Little Rascals) have more upturned faces and slightly different proportions now. Bull Terrier faces have changed entirely, now their faces appear more like a cone shape instead of the more square facial structure they once had. White Highland Terriers have changed as well, albeit nominally – instead of looking like a Komondor, which has the appearance of a mop, their hair has just grown longer and thicker.

Before Pit Bulls and German Shepherds became the guard dog/companion of choice, people would keep Doberman Pinschers. Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Dobermans have become much less aggressive, and now have smaller, smoother heads and bodies. German Shepard’s, commonly used nowadays as K-9 Police Dogs, have gotten much bigger, with broader chests and longer, thicker fur. Persian Greyhounds, also known as Salukis, have gotten taller and thinner. Meanwhile Dachshunds have only grown longer – resembling their playful nickname, “Weiner Dogs”, even more. Airedale Terriers seem to have grown beards, and now have longer, shaggier faces.

Each of these dogs have morphed beautifully into the pets we have today. Scientist even believe that many breeds have changed as a direct result of human influence. Even as dogs continue to grow and change, we know their loyalty never will. Did you see your canine companion on this list?