Freezing Bananas Made EASY

What could be better than a frozen banana to add to your morning smoothie? How about using the frozen fruit when baking banana bread or muffins? The internet is full of ideas for freezing bananas, but most of it is simply bad advice.

There are two techniques floating through the web, and we found that both have serious limitations.

#1: Freeze the entire banana

Issues with this method:

Trying to peel a frozen banana is a nightmare! You have to defrost it either by letting it thaw naturally, or putting it in the microwave, which adds another step, and if done incorrectly it can damage the fruit. Another idea is slicing it out of the peel, which can be difficult and sometimes leaves peel particles on the meat of your banana.

Have you ever handled a defrosted, un-peeled banana? It can be quite disgusting. It results in a sticky slimy liquid that you have to get rid of due to the high water content in the peel. So that method is out! Unless you are into that kind of thing…

#2: Freeze sliced banana on a cookie sheet


This is time consuming, and requires a lot of freezer room. Those who recommend this method instruct you to peel the banana and cut it into pieces. Place the pieces, not touching, on parchment covered cookie sheets. Place the sheets in the freezer and wait. When they are fully frozen, place them in a ziploc or tupperware container in the freezer for later use.

Issues with this:

  1. There are a lot of steps in this process.
  2. A  large number of cookie sheets and ample freezer space are both required in this method, especially if you want to freeze a whole bunch of bananas.
  3. Unless you are making a smoothie, most recipes call for a certain number of whole bananas. So, now that you have chunks, you will have to line them up until you reach a length that you feel is appropriate for a whole banana, which adds another step in this process.
  4. Many times, unpeeled bananas stick together in the freezer, thus becoming very hard to separate. After going through the trouble of freezing them individually on the cookie sheet, they defrost just enough when you are packing them into your bag or container to become sticky. They end up forming a big block-o-banana and, again, you have to guess at how much is now in the giant mess frozen in your bag. Then, you are left to cut portions out, which can be frustrating as well as time consuming.

The Solution

Yes- there is a solution to all of these issues!

Peel the banana. A great tip here, peel it upside down! Start peeling from the “bottom” and you will end up with a much cleaner fruit with no strings AND the nasty brown end will be gone as well.

Wrap your now singular peeled banana in plastic wrap, wax paper, or aluminum foil.

Place the individually wrapped fruits in a Ziploc or plastic storage container in the freezer.

When you are ready for a banana, whatever your recipe might be, it is ripe for the picking!  

If blending, you may need to break the frozen banana into pieces to keep from bogging down your blender. When baking, you will still have to defrost, but you are not stuck with the disgusting mess of defrosting with the peel on.

If you are planning to use the bananas for a frozen chocolate covered treat, start with fresh, and not frozen, or the chocolate may not adhere as well to the banana.

ONE MORE GREAT IDEA: Stores frequently offer big discounts on bruised or unattractive banana. GRAB THEM! They are perfect for freezing, and didn’t grandma always tell you those are the best for baking?

Just be sure to toss those peels and take the trash out as this is a personal invitation to fruit flies!


Now that you know how to do it, GO BANANAS!