From Mysterious Animal to Lifelong Friend

Jeff Longo, was greeted with quite the surprise while outside one beautiful summer day. There on his sidewalk was a Southern Flying Squirrel, just barely the size of his little finger. He named her Biscuits. When he first found her, he was unsure about what type of animal Biscuits was, but he knew that the little animal wouldn’t make it if left alone. Against all odds, Biscuits survived the night. Jeff posted about finding Biscuit on Reddit, where their story instantly went viral.

Even under the spotlight, Jeff kept his cool. He ensured that she was both warm and secure, and even hand fed her with a small baby bottle as she was growing. Under supervision, she has almost free reign all over his home where she lives like a queen in a 29 cubic foot custom made cage. Living with Jeff has proven to be very fulfilling for Biscuits. She’s friendly to all humans and not frightened of other animals, including dogs! Biscuits has her very own skateboard, and she loves playing hiding as seek and eating pecans. Biscuits is not only famous in their town of St. Petersburg, Jeff and Biscuits’ videos have reached all over the globe.

All the way from an inch long to over three years old, Biscuits is currently doing well. She’s enjoying her life in captivity where she’s likely to live a longer life according to studies. On that fateful day, Biscuit was given a chance at a new life, and Jeff was given a lifelong friend.