How Giving Up Dairy Can Change Your Life

In a society filled with fast food, ice cream, pasta and bread, one minute you are in your 20s, filled with the energy of a teenager (and looking like one, too). Then you wake up a few years later, 50lbs heavier, sitting on your couch, wearing your pajamas in the middle of the afternoon, enjoying some rocky road and binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. Where did it all go wrong? And why are you so tired? Did you ever stop to think that it could be something you are eating? Have you ever considered quitting dairy?

From the time we are small, we are pulled in by the hype- milk does the body good… dairy is an important part of the food pyramid… and now we have cows on commercials for the dairy industry promoting milk. For some people, however, milk is not doing the body good. It is causing issues throughout the body in ways you can not even imagine. Studies show that the following scenario could be YOU two months after giving up dairy…

Me, Skinny Jeans?

You know those skinny jeans that you keep staring fondly at in your closet? Remember when they fit you like a glove? Now, you cannot even squeeze your little pinky toe into them. Studies say that 2 months after giving up dairy, you will see a significant drop in weight you have been carrying around. Will you lose 50lbs? No, probably not. But the weight you do lose will be a great start on the journey to lose that 50.

Bye-Bye Belly Bloat!

Are you intimately familiar with Belly Bloat? What we mean is, after eating sometimes do you find your belly filling like a helium balloon? Do you find yourself running to the bathroom to keep from having an embarrassing accident less than an hour after you eat?  Are you constantly purchasing Lactaid or antacids just to ease the pain a bit? If so, Dairy could very well be the culprit. Go Non-dairy for 2 months, and you can kiss those embarrassing, tummy issues, goodbye!


What’s That Amazing Smell?

We know this one is going to surprise you… but are you one of those who suffer with chronic sinus infections, allergies, daily antihistamines? Are you best friends with your Neti Pot? Most people have heard that dairy can contribute to congestion, but they don’t translate that into sinus and allergy issues. However, that is exactly what it is. Dairy causes a buildup or thickening of mucus which leads to congestion AND sinus and allergy issues. Before you take the step towards painful sinus surgery, just say no to milk!


Healthy Eating without dairy?

When you are tired after a long day, you grab the quickest thing available. Many times those quick meals are include some form of dairy. Cheese on your burger, sour cream on your potato, a milkshake at the drivethru. Even our quick, designer coffee is laced with cream. You have to rethink your meals, pre plan, and get creative. Green smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, protein packed dinners. Getting rid of dairy makes room for foods that are nutrient packed, and you lose that heavy feeling after meals that you have with dairy.


Final Thoughts

We know what you are thinking…”I could never live without….” So, DON’T! If you want to stay away from dairy, but can’t live without an occasional slice of pizza, then you have some choices. Find an alternative.Soy milk and yogurt, buttery non-dairy spread, almond milk ICE CREAM. There are even VEGAN CHEESES that you can add to your pizza or burgers. There are so many dairy free items and recipes out there that the only difference you will find is how much better you look and feel! It may take some getting used to- not buying the same old same old at the grocery store, but once you commit to stopping dairy, do your research, and get to shopping! If you have to, take dairy out gradually, but once you go dairy-free completely, the benefits will have you asking WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS YEARS AGO?