The Value of Being Messy

Being a messy person is something that you seem to be born with; even at the youngest age, there are some kids who like to put away all their toys in a specific order, and some who will throw tantrums and have meltdowns when they’re asked to clean their rooms one a month. Parents know that while you can try to instill tidy habits in your kids, there are some people who will never ever pick them up. And sometimes, that’s okay.

Author Jennifer McCarthy wrote a book titled The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place, and in it she teaches that the messiest among us have redemption ahead of us, because in fact being messy has it’s perks too. For example, things are always easier to find if you don’t put them away. We’ve all reorganized our whole house only to not be able to find some crucial item the next day. Why? Because we have no idea where we decided it should “live.” Messy people don’t have this problem – they just look around the usual surfaces and voila! There it is!

Also, while the act of cleaning can help you clear your mind, it doesn’t actually fix your problems. You have the same problems as before, except that afterwards you can get to the back of the closet without something falling on you. And having a messy desk is the sign of a creative person, apparently. The knickknacks and sentimental items you’ve collected show that you’ve lived a rich and interesting life, and that you have passions that you can’t help but display. Besides, have you ever notice that when you clean something, you make a promise to yourself to keep it clean, and then immediately break that promise every day for the next month? That stresses you out, because you know that you should be de-cluttering, but for whatever reason you just can’t. And who needs that? We say forgive yourself for being messy and embrace your natural state of clutter! You’ll feel much better!