Creepy Abandoned Cities

There are many reasons why people abandon cities, but the result is always the same. Ghost towns live up to their names by being super creepy uninhabited locations that seem filled with memories and whispers of what they once were. Check out the following 5 largely unknown ghost towns and judge which is the spookiest yourself!

Plymouth, West Indies – This one is super eerie because it’s recent. Up until 1995, the city was the only port of Montserrat. By that year, it became clear that a giant volcanic eruption from nearby Soufrière Hills threatened the entire metropolis, and officials had the city abandoned. It’s lucky they did – in 1997, the city was in places overcome with ash, lava, and poisonous gases.


Villa Epecuen, Argentina – This gorgeous city used to sit on the shores of a beautiful lake, until a huge flood broke through the dam protecting the city and sunk below the surface in 1985. However, the water began receding in 2009 and visitors can now see bits of civilization poking out among the trees and reeds.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France – This small farming village was overrun by the German army in WWII and towards the end of the war, the occupying force killed 642 people living there – nearly all the citizens of the town. After the war, the site became a landmark of German atrocities committed in France.

Grytviken, South Georgia – This whaling station on a little-known British-held island off the coast of Cape Horn was founded in 1904 by a Norwegian sea captain, and at its height had about 300 people. When whaling stocks dropped in the mid-1960s, however, the site was abandoned, and the empty ships and sea buildings are super creepy these days. If there’s anything worse than a regular ghost, its a Captain Ahab style whaling ghost, amirte?