Dog rescued just in time

In India, street dogs wander aimlessly searching for food, love, and in the case of this sweet dog, help.

Animal Aid Unlimited shared a video of their latest critical rescue, and you won’t believe this dog’s transformation.

When rescuers received the call and drove out to a rural area, they did not know exactly what they would find.

They spotted a large, male dog whose face was swollen to the point it no longer resembled a dog. He actually looked like a pig! They knew severe infection had to be the culprit.

Even with the pain that he must have been enduring, the dog wagged his tail and was not growling or threatening the strangers. However, when they tried to touch him, he moved quickly back, most likely because of the pain touching his swollen head would cause.

After assessing the situation, the workers used a net to safely capture the dog. They were sure to reassure him, lovingly petting his back as they prepared to take him to the sanctuary.

The dog made no move as the vet examined his face. Not even a growl escaped his lips, as if he knew he was going to receive help.

The vet confirmed the infection, and the surgery began. After putting the animal under anesthesia, his swollen face was opened and an abscess was found. The doctor drained and cleaned the wound, adding a drain tube that would continue to allow his face to heal.

Miraculously, two weeks later, the dog’s face had returned to normal size. He was playing lovingly with his rescuers, having bonded with those who had saved his life.

Had the rescuers not found the dog when they did, he would have died from the infection which had resulted from a previous injury.

Animal Aid Unlimited’s mission is to provide care and sanctuary to homeless and injured animals. Those who need long term care are housed and their needs met by the organization, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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