Ripen Your Avocado With A Sock

How disgusting is a not-ripe or rotten avocado when you get ready to use it?

You check your avocado and it is rock hard, but the next time you try it, it is suddenly past its prime. How did this happen, and how do you stop it? What about sticking them in a sock? When we first heard that, we all cringed, imagining your avocados resting in your husband’s dirty gym socks.

Diane Sherwood, a caterer, found that wrapping avocados in wool ski socks and lining them up in a drawer was imperative to having plenty of ripe avocados at the ready when preparing large amounts of guacamole. She stated that the warmth of the wool ripens the fruit more gently and evenly than the go-to paperbag method.

Sherwood turned her trick into a business, selling her creation, The Avocado sock, which is made of 100% Shetland wool, and actually looks like bags or mittens with no thumbs. These socks can be used to ripen other fruits and veggies, too.

The single, reusable sock is only $15 and for those who truly love avocados, this one is PRICELESS!