Cherry Pie Frap!

Starbucks has a new frappuccino, and boy is it a doozy! The famous coffee company recently created and is testing the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino, which is made with a vanilla base, cherry compote, pie crumbles, whipped cream, and – get this – a domed pie crust on top that the straw goes through! If you’re grabbing your keys to head out to your local Bux right now, hold on just a sec, because we have some bad news. The Cherry Pie Frap is only being tested… in JAPAN!

We know, we know – why are we telling you about this if the vast majority of people won’t get a chance to try it? Well, the good people of PopSugar have been hard at work creating a DIY version of the delectable-sounding treat, and it doesn’t seem to hard to rustle up! No really, you just need a handy blender and the right ingredients, which shouldn’t be too hard to find.

PopSugar even suggests you make your own cherry compote, which is totally fun if you’ve never made a jelly or jam. The most interesting part is the pie crust dome, and we suggest you make sure it’ll fit on the cup you’re going to drink from; if it’s too small or too large it’ll sink right into the whipped cream and make a mess. If it’s roughly the size of a Starbucks cup, you can do what PopSugar suggests and use Starbuck’s domed lids as a guide to get that classic shape. After that, it’s bake, blend, assemble, enjoy! Easy as… well, pie!