Ridiculous Signs That Prove No One Proof-Reads Anymore

Just a casual piece of advice from the internet: If you’re going to put anything in writing out in public (whether it’s on the internet or actually, you know, outside) make sure you double check it first. Seriously, look for spelling errors, think about ways it could be misconstrued, examine any images you included… just give it a once-over, okay?

Whew, now that THAT PSA is over, let’s take a look at some people who didn’t proof read their signs, and are now the laughing stock of the internet.

Take this winner. If you’re creating a sign for a high school, or any educational facility for that matter, you have to make sure you’re spelling everything correctly! The fact that this is a sign about literacy makes it all more cringe-worthy! The only redeeming possibility is that maybe Lakewood has their kids create the signs for them, and some snarky student thought he would have a laugh at the high school’s expense!

Or what about this gem? Sure that could just be a teacher pointing to the blackboard… but it doesn’t look that way. Maybe he’s giving a history lesson?

Ah… Dr. King. The first “Martian” to be awarded a PHD! It was such an accomplishment that we get a day off from school in January! … Right?

Hey, let’s give these guys a break. It’s not like they had their two spelling bee champions create the sign! They have more important things to do!


Seriously, schools?!? Get your act together, because this is getting embarrassing! At least they turned it into a teachable moment, right?

Finally, we leave you with this masterpiece. Let’s hope administrators have gotten better at planning since the building was created!