Avocados Are Dangerlicious

The world was not ready for this avocado toast trend. And no, we don’t mean that we weren’t prepared for how delicious and expensive a simple snack could be. Please, we lived through the froyo years. The problem is that most people have never actually handled or cut an avocado before, and they are actually injuring themselves trying to do so. Doctors are even recommending that warning stickers be placed on them to prevent cuts and abrasions from trying to slice this mysterious and evasive fruit.

That’s right, folks. Caution stickers on your fruit. With their rubbery skin, soft, oily interior, and rock hard center, avocados can be a surprisingly hard nut to crack (pun intended). Avocado injuries, mostly due to the knife slipping off the seed and slicing hands, are not uncommon, and can cause real damage. In the most severe cases, depending on where the knife hits, victims can have nerve and tendon damage and lose full mobility in their hands! And this isn’t just something that happens to the masses; in 2012, Meryl Streep herself was spotted with a bandaged hand after a nasty run in with an avocado.

So what’s an avocado-adoring public to do? To safely cut an avocado, hold it flat on your cutting board and cut it long-ways in half (so you have two symmetrical pieces). The avocado should still be in once piece, because of the stone. Holding each side in one hand, gently pull it apart while twisting the sides in opposite directions, until it comes apart. To further remove the seed from the side it’s still on, hold the avocado by the skin and squeeze gently until the seed pops out. Presto! Now you can enjoy your brunch without an injured hand!