Hero Llama Escapes Again!

When you have friends in need, sometimes you have to break the rules to help them. That’s certainly what Noir the llama thinks, anyways. He lives on a farm in Jackson, New Hampshire, where he’s friends with all the other farm animals. However, he’s developed a special bond with a flock of ducks who frequent his home, and it’s so strong that the ducks come and visit him in his pen almost everyday!

However, police didn’t know about this bond when they received a call about an escaped farm animal loose on a local Jackson golf course. They showed up on the scene to find Noir, a large, fluffy black llama, pacing back and forth around the ducks. It turns out that a bear was in the area, and that Noir had gotten wind of it and had broken out of his enclosure to personally make sure that his duck friends’ eggs were safe from the giant scavenger. Noir’s owner wasn’t surprised; it seems the llama had broken out before and actually chased a bear away from the ducks!

Police eventually were able to get Noir on a rope and bring him back to his home on the farm, but no one could be mad at this lovable llama who just wanted to protect his friends! He did an excellent job as well – all of the eggs were safe and the bear moved on to a different area! No one is sure how Noir is able to get out of his pen, so it’s possible a third daring escape and adventure is in the future for the plucky llama and his quacky friends!