How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

If you’re an avid reader, you know that there’s no better way to get lost in a good book than to settle into your favorite reading nook and lock the world away. Likewise, it can be hard to get kids into reading when there’s so many distractions from the modern world going all the time, but if you create the perfect space for them to enjoy books by themselves, you’ll have a lifelong bookworm on your hands in no time.

But what makes up the perfect reading nook? The truth is, it’s different for every person, depending on what makes them comfortable (because reading nooks are all about comfort). That being said, we think we can narrow down some common characteristics.

For instance, a good nook needs excellent light, and the best reading light is natural (provided that it’s daytime, of course. That’s why next to a window is generally the best place to read, as long as it’s quiet and cozy – and this space definitely fits both requirements!

A good nook should definitely have a place for you to put a beverage (whether it’s iced tea in the summer or steamy, rich hot chocolate in the winter). That means a ledge, table, or just a good piece of flat ground that won’t cause an unexpected spill.


Sometimes all it takes is the right chair to put a reader in the mood. Personally, we love the look of this big cushy monstrosity – it looks plenty broken in but still comfortable enough to sink into for hours on end!

A lot of readers like to be surrounded by their other books when they dive into a new one. Home libraries can come in all shapes and sizes, but what doesn’t change is that profound feeling of being surrounded by all your friends when you sit among your favorite books.

Finally, reading nooks don’t have to be big flashy affairs with lots of space dedicated to them. If you like the closed in feeling and have a small, awkward space to spare (for instance, under a staircase), add a bench and some lively pillows and declare it a nook! You (and your books) will thank us!