Meet Germany’s Beautiful Bio Passive Homes

For most of modern human history, we’ve been concerned with shaping nature to fit our needs. When we need land for shopping centers, factories infrastructure etc, we have no trouble clearing out entire forests and ecosystems to make way for human advancement. At least on a small scale, Refugium Betzenstein hopes to change that.

Located in Betzenstein, Germany, Refugium Betzenstein is the name of a bio passive vacation home. This home was designed to be as minimally intrusive within nature as possible. The two 484 square feet apartments that make up Refugium Betzenstein use solar energy, and are both built with Jurassic limestone and native wood. In fact, all of Refugium Betzenstein’s construction, including its furniture, is made with eco-friendly, renewable materials. Overall, the house has an incredibly modern look and vibe to it. Perhaps most notably, it doesn’t skimp out on visual appeal or features in its iteration at all, despite being so eco-friendly and non-invasive. Hopefully, Refugium Betzenstein helps set the standard for new homes all across the world. You don’t have to minimize quality or features in order to build out something inhabitable and attractive.