Picked Pasta Salad

Pickles are experiencing a moment. No, seriously. Whether you like the normal spears with dill or Middle Eastern pickled turnips or something really exotic like pickled asparagus and mushrooms, small batch chefs everywhere are trying out different ways to brine every kind of vegetable (and a good many other things as well!), and we LOVE it. Salty, sometimes sweet, usually crunchy – if it’s pickled, sign us up!

Which is why we flipped when we found out someone made a pickled pasta salad! Why did it take so long for this to be a thing!? Pasta salad is so versatile already- it can be served hot or cold, with dressing or just with fresh herbs, with meat or veggies or olives or all of the above. But never in our wildest dreams did we imagine pickles!

And the chef didn’t just cut up normal spears for this pickley twist on an American summer classic! Lindsay Funston also admits to using pickle juice in the dressing (along with cheddar cheese) for the ultimate briny punch! Other ingredients include bowtie pasta, fresh dill (of course!) and bacon, and if you think a pickle can’t hold it’s flavor next to bacon, you are dead wrong. It’s like these two savory flavors were made for each other, and instead of competing, their salty flavors combine to make the ultimate picnic side – or just a really good meal at home!