Suffering From Brain Burnout?

Everybody has off days, it’s a part of life. However, if you’re having several off days in a row, days where you can’t seem to focus or are quick to get angry or frustrated about the simplest things, you might be suffering from brain burnout. It’s exactly what it sounds like: your brain is tired from being stressed and/or exhausted all the time. The contributing factors can be things like not getting enough sleep, not feeling like you have support from your social group, or even something like not eating the correct diet, but the end result is that tired, overly emotional and scattered feeling every day.

In a recent study of the workforce, as many as half of people surveyed admitted to feeling like this, which amounts to a huge number. The good news, however, is that the solution is very simple – make time for yourself, to improve your mental and physical well being. While it can be hard to justify this in our busy schedules, it really is a necessity for our health and effectiveness in all areas of life. For the physical aspect, try taking a class that focuses on the mind-body connection, like yoga or martial arts. These usually include some type of meditation, which is ideal for reflection and mood stabilization.

In that vein, you might consider setting up a daily goal to help you focus on what really matters and further improve your mental health. Amit Sood, professor at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, suggests something like: on Mondays, practice feeling gratitude for what you have. On Tuesdays, try to be compassionate and see the point of view of those who anger or frustrate you. Wednesdays are for accepting what can’t be changed, and Thursdays are for focusing on a higher meaning or the bigger picture. On Fridays, forgive the people who have wronged you (which is a great way to start the weekend), and on Saturdays, celebrate and have a good time! Sundays are for reflection on the week, and then it starts all over again! Following a routine like this will make it very easy to find peace and focus in your life, which should alleviate all brain burnout!