Famous Face Tattoo Gets Explanation

Face tattoos have become somewhat of a fad, people even starting GoFundMe pages to have their facial artwork removed once they realize the permanency and stigma that follows their decision. One young man, 20 year old Christien Sechrist, decided to get such a massive piece on his face.

Unlike those replaceable images some impart on their skin, Sechrist had a more…noble reason for his artwork.

The young father had a black and white portrait of his toddler son, Perseus, forever added to the left side of his face. After his near death, Sechrist wanted to find a way to commemorate the love he had for his child.

Sechrist shared the image of his new tattoo on facebook and gained national attention, much of it negative. So, he took to the platform again to defend his choice, stating he loves it and doesnt regret obtaining it.

The image, which shows the boys chubby cheeks, big eyes and teeth, takes up half of the electrician apprentice’s face. Starting at his eyebrow and ending at his chin, the image even extends to his earlobe. Sechrist thanked the tattoo artist publically for the amazing work: “Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son,” he wrote at the time.

Friends thought that the image was a joke, some becoming outraged and stating this should have been placed in a more private location as to not hinder his job prospects in the future- asking how he would support his son when he could not find a job.

Many also feel that the father will regret the placement because of how society views facial tattoos and their wearers. Sechrist responded that his son looks at it and smiles, and that is what matters.