Is Feng Shui A Useful System?

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing and balancing your environment using color, sound, lighting, etc. You can sort of think of it as decorating to achieve harmony and maximum balance. So how useful of a system is Feng Shui exactly? Cara Gibbs found out first hand with a little Feng Shui experiment in order to determine it’s usefulness.

Gibbs is a freelance writer, who turned her home into both a living space and an office given the nature of her work. Her problem? Her tiny home became incredibly crowded with poorly arranged furniture. When she decided to make her living room into an office, that meant moving around furniture into various inadequate locations within her home. Gibbs eventually determined a working arrangement, but it left her home environment cluttered and messy. So on the advice of an acquaintance, Gibbs decided to try some Feng Shui.  

According to Gibbs acquaintance, Christine Bushell, the best way to achieve good Feng Shui would be to follow a Bagua Map. The Bagua Map lists attributes in areas that you can correspond to your living space. For example, the top left of the map lists attributes for wealth and prosperity, as well as the element and color that should be used to achieve that. In order to maximize on your wealth and prosperity, one would in turn go to the back left area of their living space, and clean/de-clutter, making sure to implement the proper elements and colors into their surroundings

Gibbs struggled initially, mainly because most of her “organization”, was really just poorly disguised disorder. Shoving things in drawers may afford the illusion of order and cleanliness, but you can’t cheat in order to achieve good Feng Shui. As Gibbs learned, you won’t gain anything from Feng Shui if you attempt it half-heartedly. Gibbs ultimately may not have drawn forth all the spiritual benefits of Feng Shui, but she definitely benefitted from the system by creating an environment more conducive to productivity. She also picked up more organizational skills and habits in order to maintain a great environment.