Leave Work At Work

We like to work hard at our jobs. Not only is it gratifying to know that you did good work, but it’s how you stand out in a crowd in the workplace and get promoted. However, most of us work too hard, meaning that we have a tendency to bring our work home with us and work when we should be resting or spending time with family. Some companies are impressed by this and think that it’s a sign of a good work ethic, of a certain doggedness, but it actually isn’t good for our performance as employees or for our relationships.

Mid adult woman sitting on floor, leaning on sofa, talking on, using laptop, side view

When you can’t turn off work mode when you leave the office, you tend to be distracted by other things while continuing to work, and your work suffers for it. Also, your brain doesn’t get the rest it needs to meet new work problems head on at the beginning of each day. Have you ever had a problem that you’ve been puzzling over for hours, and when you let it go and think about other things, the solution suddenly presents itself? When you’re a workaholic, your brain doesn’t get this rest from work problems, and doesn’t get the chance to work on those problems subconsciously.

So how can you avoid this (especially when there are times where you simply have to do some work at home)? Create a barrier between your workspace and home life, like a shut door. Stay behind the door until you’re done working, so you really get that sectioned-off feeling. Also, know when you’ve reached your work limit, like when you’re eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen or when you’re too tired to focus, throw in the towel. Your brain (and your boss) will thank you for it the next day!