Pup Left Outside of Mall

Going to jail can be one of the scariest things imaginable, because you have concern about what’s going to happen for you, but also for those for whom you’re responsible. When Bianca Cushman saw a scared dog tied to a tree next to a mall by a dumpster, she didn’t immediately think he was abandoned. The more she looked at him, though, the more she worried, and then she saw a note. It read, “Free pup. Name is Scooter. Owner went to jail today.” Bianca, being the good person she is, immediately scooped up the terrier mix and took him home, but unfortunately she couldn’t keep him indefinitely.

She posted photos of Scooter to social media and pleaded with someone to help her, and luckily Paula Langford saw them. Paula is the founder of South Eastern Homeless Animals and knew exactly what to do.“I just reached out to them and said, ‘I’ll take the dog,” Langford said. “‘I have a microchip scanner, I’ll get him scanned and validate the story first. And then we’ll get him wherever it is that he belongs.” With a little sleuthing, she was able to find the officer who arrested Scooter’s owner and confirm the story in the note. Unfortunately, the truth was even sadder.

It seems that Scooter’s owner had been arrested unexpectedly, and that she gave Scooter, who was in her possession at the time, to friends who promised he would go to a good home. Tying him up to a tree, apparently, was their solution to finding him one. Langford was able to then contact his owner’s mother, who lived 2,700 miles away in Nebraska but agreed to take him – if Langford could deliver him. She did, and now Scooter is pleased as punch to be back with people he knows. He owes his life to Bianca and Paula, however, who went the extra mile to keep him safe!