Epic International Road Trips

We love getting where we want to be – fast – but sometimes the journey is everything. If you love the romantic idea of the great American road trip, try one of these on your next international vacation and experience the great scenery of the world from the intimacy of your automobile.

If you love the austereness and rugged feel of desert views, the drive from Lüderitz to Walvis Bay in Namibia is one incredible ride. The direct route is not passable by human legs – it’s 466 miles of impassable African desert. By car, however, this six day pilgrimage through the desert (which we recommend taking guided for safety reasons) is both stunning and has a jaw-dropping conclusion at the Atlantic Ocean.

The desert isn’t for everyone, however. If abundant wildlife is more your speed, we can’t stop talking about the 219 mile drive between Picton and Christchurch, New Zealand. The Kaikoura Coast is one of the most beautiful in the world, and we have no doubt you catch plenty of seals, whales, and seabirds on the way there (in between the many wineries on the way). When you arrive in Christchurch, you have to stop to get a rare glimpse at a kiwi bird at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, it’s once in a lifetime.

Finally, if you want a tropical location that’s big on beauty and short on time, you can do no better than the B9, the road between Le Morne and Souillac in Mauritius. Though it’s only 25 miles long, this gorgeous tropical drive has it all: palm trees, historical sites, hairpin turns and stunning drop-aways. It’s a must-do if you’re anywhere in the area!