Artist’s Clever Pop Culture Mash-Ups

We love the idea of our seeing our favorite pop culture icons in real life; it’s why theme parks and cosplay are so popular. French photographer Francois Dourlen loves it as well, and this idea – of incorporating fictional and often fantasy characters into everyday, boring life – is the inspiration for a lot of his art lately. He doesn’t need Photoshop or After Effects to assemble his photographs, however, he simply uses his iphone!

Francois uses the iphone to search for the correct photo he has in mind, then simply holds it up and snaps a photo with his other hand. “It is really simple. I just see something that reminds me of a movie, an animated movie, a character… I search the image on Google and take the pictures.” They may be simple, but these images pack a punch because they’re so spot on!

The project started as a bit of a joke, but once Francois started posting the photos he was taking to Instagram, he realized he really had something here.

The iphone is the perfect way to view what Francois has going on in his head, because it’s often one of the vehicles through which we access pop culture. And that’s often where his ideas come from. “I am inspired by pop culture — the things that everyone, me included, have seen and seen again,” he explains. “Sometimes I can be inspired by something else; you just have to ask me.”

We’re super impressed by these playful and clever images, especially how they incorporate everyday items that aren’t usually used for art. Perhaps the most impressive thing, however, is how steady both of Francois’ hands are!